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Your Guide to Genealogy

Are you looking to do some genealogy work or go back to an area where your family came from?  Let me help you.  I just went to France on the Mediterranean to visit areas where my husband grew up.  On the fiftieth anniversary of landing in New York, we went to New York City and visited the pier where they arrived.  On the sixtieth anniversary, this year, we went to the city that they lived in at the time when they left France. 

I have assisted many people set up their trips to visit areas where their ancestors came from.  Usually it is renting a car and traveling to the areas that they have already discovered.  Sometimes, they are going to see what they can find while they are there.  You can do this on your own or I can set up a driver/guide to assist you with this.   

If genealogy is a passion for you, let me help you fulfill that passion.

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