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My Ireland Fab 5

I have to say Ireland has become one of my favorite places on Earth. I still have so much more to experience there and can’t wait to get back! During my most recent visit I was able to see some fantastic places that left a lasting impression.

This my Fab 5 list:

Ring of Kerry

Adventures by Disney’s San Francisco Long Weekend

If you’re considering Adventures by Disney’s San Francisco Long Weekend I would highly recommend this for all ages! It was a fantastic way to utilize your time in the Bay Area. Not only were our two guides thoroughly knowledgeable, but our driver was as well. He was also able to expertly guide our...Read more.

Adventures by Disney Group

Delectable English Eats

On a recent visit to Britain I had the privilege of feasting like a queen!  I had already been told that pasties were an absolute must. They had to specifically be Cornish pasties right out of Cornwall. No others would do.

A pasty is a pot pie of sorts, but it can be held by its flaky crust...Read more.

Cream Tea with Clotted Cream
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